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Marlin 795 at walmart

Extended magazines are very hard to find for the Marlin 795. AT-One Marlin 795 Trigger Guard Kit-Coyote Item: 2Z2051D74127-15082 In Stock Manufacturer: DIP, inc $276.97 AT-One Marlin 795 Trigger Guard Kit-Forest Camo Item: 2Z2051D74110-15082 Back Ordered Manufacturer: DIP, inc $276.97 Marlin 795/70/XT-22 22 LR/17 HM2 10 Round Steel Nickel.

Product search results for"marlin 795". 10 RING MKTG. 10-8 Performance Llc. 100 Straight. 100 Straight Products. 1791 Gunleather. 2 Monkey Trading. 2 Vets Arms. The Marlin 795 is 37” in total length, with an 18” blued barrel. Nice and light, at 4.5 lbs, this Marlin is a full-sized rimfire. However, it is easily managed by. Marlin's legendary rimfire rifle precision dates back to when Annie Oakley, thrilled audiences with feats of marksmanship using her trusty Model 1891 lever-action. You'll find that same level of accuracy in every Marlin rimfire rifle, including our Model XT bolt-actions, rugged Model 795 semi-autos and the ever-popular Model 60 semi-automatic.

Both the local Walmart and the local dealer has the 795 for $138.95, plus $8.34 sales tax, minus $25.00 rebate, equals a total price of $122.29. Walmart has the plain grey stock 597 for $139.00, plus $8.34 tax, for a total of $147.34. For that little difference in price, I think the 597 is a better rifle. Early models had some magazine problems.

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I've sold/traded all my 60's and 99's (another 60 style) to get more out of the 795 & 989-M2. All that being said, a 60, straight out of the box, eats stock 1022's and others under $400 with regularity. The 795, when properly pillar bedded and otherwise tweaked, can give much more expensive rifles a run for their money. Black Ops Break Barrel Sniper Air Rifle - Spring Piston Sniper .22 Airgun - Shoot .22 BBs -Scope Included. Sold by Ami Ventures Inc. $257.26 $183.76.

I really like my Marlin 795, reliable, accurate, and fairly inexpensive . I’ve recommended it to friends wanting a good valued .22 lr rifle. Also I have 2 of the pro- mag 25 round mags they work great. Thanks for your videos I watch them all. Have a good holiday. Randy Blackburn on June 5, 2022 at 7:50 pm.

Has anyone noticed how much a regular, basic Model 60 is lately at Walmart? Speed Posted: 11/20/2012 11:33:28 AM EDT [#1] probably close to 200 189 i think Posted: 11/20/2012 11:34:52 AM EDT ... I'm getting her the Marlin 795 on sale for $129. It looks like Promag is coming out with hi-caps for it...she likes black guns, maybe she'll enjoy the.

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